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Product Ranges

It is Lancaster’s commitment to invest in large volumes of stock against a specialised, small diameter (M1.2 - M12) product portfolio.  


Lancaster’s stock profile is geared to meet the demand for ‘fast moving’ product sizes and to offer peripheral sizes that are 
outside other ranges available within the industry. 


Product Ranges Include:

Self-Tapping Screws
Self-Drilling Screws
Tap-Fix® Thread Rolling Screws
Machine Screws
Tamper Proof Security Screws
Hammer Drive Screws
Screws for Plastics
Micro Diameter Screws
K-Series® Setzmuttern
Rivet Bushes
Self-Clinching Fasteners
CD Weld Studs
Brass Inserts for Plastics


From over 3,000 tonnes of stock, comprising over 6,000 product lines, customers are offered a fast and efficient carton service supported by an excellence in worldwide logistics.


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