K-Series® Setzmuttern Press Nuts


Product Overview

K-Series Setzmuttern Press Nuts

K-Series® Setzmuttern offer a permanent female thread in sheet metal and some plastic applications that are too thin to be tapped by conventional methods.


Installation is recommended by use of a press incorporating a profile punch.  However, it is possible to install K-Series® Setzmuttern by simply using a hammer.


It is possible to install K-Series® Setzmuttern quite close to the edge of the host material without distorting the component. 


For further detail, click here to view Lancaster's K-Series® Setzmuttern product guide (PDF). 



Product features:


  • Large size range: M2.5 - M20

  • One head style: Hexagon

  • Three spigot lengths to suit varying material thicknesses

  • High torsional & pull-out resistance

  • Available in Steel / Zinc Plated (CR3), A2 Stainless Steel and a Black Finish



Left Click + drag or one

finger drag (touch)



Double click on the model

or scroll anywhere or 

pinch (touch)



Right click + drag or two

fingers drag (touch)

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