Tap-Fix® Thread Rolling Screws


Product Overview

DIN 7500 Tap-Fix Thread Rolling Screws

Lancaster Fastener offer Tap-Fix® Screws in both Metric and Unified forms.  Metric Tap-Fix® screws are offered to DIN 7500 thread standard with DIN 965 & DIN 7985 head standards and Unified Tap-Fix® Screws are manufactured to ANSI B18.6.4.


  • Sizes: Metric M2 - M10 x 4 - 50. UNIFIED 2.56 - 1/4"-20 x 3/16 - 2" 

  • Finishes : Zinc Plated (CR3), A2 Stainless Steel, Black Finish

  • Recesses: CR(Z), T-Drive, Hexagon

  • Head Styles: Pan, Countersunk, Washer Hexagon, Socket Cap


Tap-Fix® Thread Rolling Screws, by utilising the three lobed thread form, require a low level of assembly torque to initiate thread forming.  Further benefits: Tap-Fix® Screws form a female thread capable of accepting a standard machine screw thread form should the need arise.  The three lobed thread design allows the displaced parent material to cold flow into the relief areas of the screw thereby increasing the resistance to vibration and loosening of the screw.



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