Self-Drilling Screws


Product Overview

Self-Drilling Screws combine the function of drilling and tapping in one operation.  They are primarily used to join together thin sheet steel components/assemblies.  Drill point 'wander' is a possibility with this product and can be largely eliminated by a centre punch indentation at the position to be drilled or alternatively the top sheet/component may be pre-punched with a clearance hole.


As the number of required fastening operations is reduced when using Self-Drilling Screws, they are more efficient and more accurate as alignment problems are less likely to occur.


Lancaster Fastener's range of Self-Drilling Screws are manufactured to DIN 7504 standards and are available with T-Drive® (6-Lobe), Cross Recess H and Square Drive Recesses as well as a Washer Hexagon head. Stocked ranges consists of Zinc Plated CR3 & A2 Stainless Steel finishes with a Black Finish also available.



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Registered trade marks include: T-Drive®, Plas-Tech®, Plas-Fix®, Tap-Fix®, K-Series® & CASTLE®

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