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New Packaging & Barcoded Product Labels

NYLOK® Blue Patch (TUF-LOK®)

All cartons and small boxes display a detailed product label that references ‘RoHS2’ to provide complete assurance to customers of Lancaster’s compliance to the directive.  Also, to maintain traceability and to avoid contamination if goods are returned, a seal is applied to the fold of each box to identify boxes that have been opened so that tests can be conducted to guarantee that genuine Lancaster stock has been returned.


All labels display a product image, item description, box quantity, supplier reference, batch number and RoHS 2 compliance confirmation logo.  A product code specific barcode (128) is also displayed on each label to allow automated product identification and the implementation of data.


Product ranges are available for immediate despatch in 20kg bulk carton quantities.  Lancaster can also split bulk carton quantities in order to meet exact quantity requirements.  In addition to bulk packed products, Lancaster also offer products small boxed. 


Bulk Cartons


Standard bulk cartons measure 30cm x 30cm x 10cm and weigh approximately 20kg.  Split carton quantities are supplied bulk in cartons appropriate to quantity and screw size.   


Small Boxes


Lancaster’s small boxed products are available in either 1000, 500, 250 or 100 pieces, depending on screw size.

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