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Market Position

Lancaster’s position in the market forms an essential supporting stock interface between the distributor and the Asian manufacturer, reacting largely to the infill demands of the industry. Our core business competencies allow us to service a wide-spread customer base that includes Globally present Multi-National Fastener Distributors through to Small, single location wholesalers.



Who do we supply?



Multi-National Fastener Distributors


Multi-National organisations, due to their size, operate with significant stock turnover allowing them to source stock primarily direct from the manufacturer. Infill requirements are still ever-present however, and Lancaster Fastener’s strength in stock holding, logistics and specialised product ranges allow us to fully service these infill requirements on a stock level. Furthermore, our operational flexibility and dedication to excellent customer service mean we can adapt to the often varying requirements of our customers to ensure the whole buying process flows as smoothly as possible.



National Fastener Distributors


National Fastener Distributors may reduce their reliance on direct Asian imports and instead source a large proportion of their stock from infill suppliers. Our specialist stock holding and focus on core product ranges allow us to ensure these requirements are fully serviced; from scheduled monthly orders down through to those small urgent requirements.



Regional Fastener Distributors


Lancaster Fastener’s customer base does not just include the larger distributors, we extend every effort to ensure Regional Wholesalers are supported as much as the Multi-Nationals. Whether you need to order just 1,000 of one of our Plas-Tech® 30° Screws or a couple of hundred of our PROTECTOR brand Tamper Proof Screws, we offer all our ranges in bulk and small box quantities. Furthermore, with next day delivery available throughout the UK and the rest of the world reachable in just 2-5 days you can be sure your goods are with you right when you need them.   

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