Black Finishing Service

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Lancaster Fastener is continuously listening to the industry and developing its product range to meet the requirements of its customers. In an effort to service distributor demand for Black Finished Fasteners, Lancaster offers a Black Finishing service across the majority of stocked ranges.


Through offering this service to Fastener Distributors worldwide, it is our intention to offer a reliable and consistent supply of product ranges that are often regarded as problematic and time consuming to source.

Black Finish


A dip-spin black topcoat with enhanced corrosion resistance and low coating thickness is applied to Lancaster's existing Zinc Plated stock. The surface treatment is free of hazardous substances and meets the European directives ELV and RoHS 2.

Key Features


  • Decorative black top coat over existing base coat.

  • Thin layer application makes it suitable for small fasteners where tolerances are limited.

  • No hydrogen embrittlement occurs in the application of the black finish.

  • No 'build-up' in the recess or threads.

  • Integrated lubricant.

  • Solvent based and chemical resistant.

  • Application: Dip-Spin

To ensure Black Finished ranges maintain the high quality the Lancaster brand is known for, independent tests have been commissioned to test the corrosion resistance of the finished product. 


When applied to a Zinc Plated fastener, the Black Top Coat achieved a minimum of 150 hours to white rust.


Furthermore, the process employed to apply the Black Finish completely eliminates the risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement occuring within the structure of the Fastener.

"Lancaster Fastener - a brand synonymous with exceptional standards of quality"

Black Finished Products Include:

Fasteners with a Black Finish


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In accordance with the RoHS 2 directive, our stock is free from Hexavalant Chromium.  Learn more

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