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Company Profile

Lancaster Fastener  - a brand synonymous with exceptional standards of quality and customer service to fastener distributors across the globe. 


Lancaster Fastener is recognised throughout the international distribution trade as a specialist importer and stockist of small diameter (12mm and below) industrial threaded fasteners. Trading within the fastener industry for over 30 years, Lancaster Fastener has successfully developed a brand that is synonymous with exceptional standards of quality and customer service.


Product ranges are sourced from ‘quality assured’ manufacturers and subsequently supplied to a network of fastener distributors in 43 countries worldwide.


Lancaster Fastener supplies many of the leading fastener distribution groups as well as offering support to many of the smaller distribution companies throughout the world. Lancaster’s position in the market forms an essential supporting stock interface between the distributor and the Asian manufacturer, reacting largely to the infill demands of the global fastener industry.


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