All Lancaster branded products are comprehensively stocked and are available in a wide range of sizes offering customers a dependable and continuous source of supply. In addition to satisfying bulk carton quantity enquiries, the Lancaster branded ranges also meet the demand for small volume enquiries and small-boxed requirements.





CASTLE® is a range of popular sizes of commodity products offered in bulk 20kg cartons at very low prices. Customers should enquire for CASTLE® products when they have large volume requirements, can accept bulk carton quantities and want to benefit from genuinely low prices.  


Prices are extremely competitive due to Lancaster’s large import volumes and also through the reduced internal handling costs  incurred by only supplying bulk carton quantities.





Lancaster Fastener’s branded range of Asian manufactured tamper proof security screws are available in Zinc Plated (CR3) & A2 

Stainless Steel finishes.

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Registered trade marks include: T-Drive®, Plas-Tech®, Plas-Fix®, Tap-Fix®, K-Series® & CASTLE®

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In accordance with the RoHS 2 directive, our stock is free from Hexavalant Chromium.  Learn more

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