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Black Finishing Service

Black Finishing Service


A decorative dip-spin black topcoat with enhanced corrosion resistance and low coating thickness can be applied to Lancaster’s existing zinc plated stock. The thin layer application makes it suitable for small fasteners where tolerances are limited and there is no ‘build-up’ in the screw’s recess or threads.


The surface treatment is free of hazardous substances and conforms to EU guide lines relating to the End of Life Vehicle Directive (2000/53/EC). Also, because the finish is a ‘topcoat’, no hydrogen embrittlement occurs in the application of the black finish.

Lancaster’s independently commissioned corrosion resistance tests of the black finish when applied to their products achieved a minimum of 150 hours to white rust.

Key Features


  • Consistent high-quality decorative finish

  • No 'build-up' in the screw's recess or threads

  • Significantly enhanced corrosion resistance

  • Integrated lubricant

  • Solvent based

  • Application : Dip-spin

  • RoHS 2 compliant

  • Applicable to diameters M2.5 and above

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